• Size: H70cm x W61cm
Media: Oil and enamel on board
  • Size: H91cm x W91cm
Media: Enamel on Board with Water Based Undercoat

Introduction by John H Clifford  (2004)

Here is a painter who works in the style of the British painters who were active pre and post war, figurative and imaginative, many styled by Herbert Read to be “Neo-Romantics”. Read says, “By nature the genius of our painters, architects and poets was always romantic”.
To sum up Sainsbury’s paintings can be seen as a true continuity in the British Tradition, which is deep-rooted and substantial, paintings that evoke and reflect our grey skies and undulating landscape and the idiosyncratic people of these islands.


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Tim Sainsbury

Tim Sainsbury by Tim Sainsbury, J.H.Clifford, Elizabeth Williams . CV


Nick Brimble, William Slingsby, Stanbury the Mad


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